The Hoosier Sampler

The Hoosier Sampler


Why choose just one burger flavor when you can have them all?! This grill pack gives you variety and tons of flavor!  

The Hoosier Sampler grill pack includes: 

  • 4 Packages (2 Per Pack) of our 1/2 lb grill ready Specialty Burgers. Flavors Include:

    • Cheddar Bacon (The bacon and cheddar speak for themselves.)

    • Jalapeno Jack Burgers (If you like it spicy, you will love this burger!)

    • Hoosier Burger (Our own flavored burger your friends and family will love.)

  • 1 lb Package of our Hoosier Steaks Premium Ground Beef

    • Great to make into a your own burger patty or fix up with your favorite recipe!

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