The Hoosier Home Cookin'

The Hoosier Home Cookin'


This gift box speaks to the heart of any Hoosier Mama that loves preparing delicious home cooked meals for her family.

The Hoosier Home Cookin’ Gift Box Includes:

  • 4 lbs of Hoosier Steaks Premium Ground Beef

    • Great for any family favorite ground beef recipes. Ground Beef comes in 1 lb Packages.

  • 1 Hoosier Mama Apron

    • Sure to make any Hoosier Mama feel stylish while cooking in the kitchen. One size fits all. Colors are natural & black.

  • 1 Hoosier Mama Coffee Mug

    • Because what Hoosier Mama doesn’t love a good cup of hot coffee or tea to start her day in a cute farmhouse inspired mug.

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